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Tip's For Hiring A Florida Private Investigator.

 Infidelity, Divorce, Custody Investigations. Tip's For Hiring An Investigator.

Our 10 Tip's, For Hiring A Private Investigator.   If You Need To Hire The Services Of A Private Investigator.   Our Licensed Florida private investigators and fraud examiners are available for infidelity surveillance and child custody casework.   We work throughout the State of Florida and are available for nationwide cases.

 Investigations, Infidelity And Surveillance. For a peace of mind it may be necessary to conduct a surveillance or background check on your spouse or partner. Our agency can provide an affordable solution for investigations, surveillance or legal research..

Tipis For Hiring A Private Investigator For A Cheating Spouse investigation

Tip's, If You Are Considering Hiring A Private Investigator.

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At Times, You May Need The Services Of A Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Florida Private Investigator.

There are difference between a good private investigator, bad investigators, inefficient investigator. The difference is hiring an ethical private eye who is a professionally and someone who may take you for your money.


Many private investigative agencies will promise to conduct a marital investigation on a spouse or partner. But some will inform the individual in question and play both sides.


This is highly unethical but does happen. The Agency that call you after your time expires and requires more time is just as bad. Many good investigators will put together a plan, conduct surveillance in what is commonly know as the periods of "highest activities," then break off the surveillance in a short time, if no activities occur and plan another time.




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Our Hiring Tip's.

Rule 1.   Always verify that the investigator(s) are licensed.   The Division of Licensing in the state in which the investigation agency operates will confirm this information.   Have the detective give you the agency number.

Rule 2.   Always request an agency contract.   This contract is confidential.   Identify the financial costs that you are willing to pay.   List all the specific or general work the investigators are required to complete. .

Rule 3.   In writing, clearly state your objectives and the possible evidence that you require.   Clients should indicate a start "date / time" of the investigation.   The investigator will most likely require the location of the suspect.

Rule 4.   If you're hiring an investigator for surveillance insist that the detective video a local landmark for approx. five (5) seconds each hour. This will confirm that the investigator(s) were on-site during the specified times - dates and locations. Have the detective produce a sales receipt from a purchase from a local store to verify his/her start-end times and their physical location.

Rule 5.   Upon request and during the investigation a detective can/may provide an oral report by telephone or email.   This agency "must" provide you with a written report, all video evidence and cost receipts.   If you require a written report you may be charged for the administrative time.   

Always inform the investigator of a secure mailing address to send this information.

Our Hiring Tip's.

Rule 6.   Always insist on CONFIDENTIALITY in regards to your identity.   It is against the law for any investigator to release, sell or distribute this information to an unauthorized third party.

Rule 7.   When you sign an "agency contract" you are required to pay the investigation fees.   Inquire if their may be addition fees to include, travel, parking or event cost. .

Rule 8.   Reliable agencies will never guarantee you results.   Most domestic investigations will require 2--4 days of surveillance to document the activities of a suspect.

Rule 9.   Most investigation agencies cannot give-out company references due to their clients' confidentiality agreements.   A client must authorize an agency to utilize his/her name for a recommendation.   

Do not be fooled in believing if someone tries to utilize a corporate name or profession person for a reference.   Please check this reference before the start of your investigation. On every case w works to find missing children and reunite them with their families.

Rule 10.   If during your investigation you may need pictures or video of certain suspect within a building you may need to ask the investigation agency what types of surveillance equipment they have available.   Equipment to take these photographs. i.e. hidden cameras, pinhole cameras that will contain a date / time stamp.

Positive Qualifications.

Positive Qualifications.

Operate out of a professional office.

Are licensed. Have experience. .

No disciplinary actions or complaints have been filed against them. But there may be complaints due to some clients who may not like results of their case. .

Have expertise in your area of need and have handled many similar cases.

Positive Qualifications.

Before They Start - The agency prepares an investigation plan of time, dates that you agree to.

When They Start - Have the investigator purchase a sales slip to indicate they are in the agreed area.

They just feel like the right person when you speak of hiring them. .

Do not pressure you to "closing the deal." They allow you time to make your decision and interview other candidates. .

Other Information About Investigators.

Other Information About Investigators.

The majority of states, however, have requirements. In some states, PIs must have investigative experience. The amount of time required varies and may be reduced based on education.

Many states, for example, may require investigator to pass a state-administered test and pass a thorough background and fingerprint investigation. .

You should verify the PI by contacting the licensing division of your state's Department of Consumer Affairs to learn they are indeed licensed. .

If your case ends up in the court system, ask your investigator if he will testify and court cost for day to testify.

Other Information About Investigators.

What type of educational background do they have? In law enforcement? Find out how many years they've been practicing and how many of their cases were like yours.

What overall impression do you receive from this person? Is his first concern money? (Your needs come first.) Can you trust him? .

Private investigators should be held to client confidentiality, a professional investigator will honor this. They should and will not surrender an informant or information. .

Clients can be assured that their identities will and never be revealed if a PI actual meets the person being investigated.



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