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Parents With Children, A Florida Private Investigator Guide For Cameras.  What To Consider.

 Cameras For Parents With Children,  To Be Used In Your Vehicle While Driving,   At Home In Your Absence.   Cameras That Video Will Hold Up In Court.   Cameras To Be Considered  If  You Or Your Nanny Are With The Children.


 When, If you are driving with your children,  should keep track of who is behind you.  If your nanny is with your children.  A few new ideas to document the events.  Most Nanny know how to beat your home security systems.  These cameras are for parents to consider to safer guard the family on the road or in the home. 


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Parent With Children, Cameras To Consider.

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Tip - Cameras To Protect Your Children At Home, Protecting Yourself At Work.


Before The Job Candidate Starts. A Criminal Check - Nanny New Employment, Criminal Background Information is essential.

Before The Job Candidate Starts. A Social Media Check - The Social Media Investigation needs to also conducted. What is stated on a nannies resume may not reflect who this person is about. Today this social media investigation check is also essential.
It is wise to attempt to verify anything that is important to job performance or that could impact the safety of your family and children.

OK You Conducted The Background Checks. Now It is time really look at camera security while your driving or in your residence. 
Protecting Your Children, Family. Your Vehicle Must Be Equipped With Cameras.

Protecting Your Children, Family. At Home, In Your Absence - Hidden Spy Camera, To Supplement Your Home Security.


Just My Recommendation A Well Designed Spy Camera To Supplement Your Home Security System.

Just Google, Yahoo - HD 1080P Spy Camera AC Plug USB Wall Charger with 32GB Memory Mini DVR DV Hidden Camera Video Recorder.




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Cameras For Parents With Children. 

Protecting Your Family At Home, Yourself At Work,  What To Consider?

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Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

In Your Absence, Protecting Your Children, At Home. Babysitter, Nannies, Repair Workers.

Just My Recommendation A Well Designed Spy Camera To Supplement Your Home Security System.

Just Google, Yahoo - HD 1080P Spy Camera AC Plug USB Wall Charger with 32GB Memory Mini DVR DV Hidden Camera Video Recorder.

 Nome Security Spy Camera For Children.

If For a very reasonable cost you home security system should be supplemented with a hidden spy Nanny Camera.

Just a recommendation from a private investigator for parents with children

These cameras can be moved from room to room and have loop recording so the device will never fill the internal memory card. Our best estimate is that you receive about 5 hrs of continuous recordings before the oldest video is rerecorded over.

1.  HD1080P VIDEO: A new generation of products, The Hidden Camera charger with 1080P HD lens, whether you need to monitor your home, office, or anywhere in between.

2.   EASY TO USE: This product is easy to operate that video can be automatically recorded at power up and video can automatically save when power off

Contact Us If You Need More Information Telephone; (954) 768 - 9222

Protecting Yourself During And At Work. Saving Your Job. Hostile Work Environment.

Remember One Basic Rule - You Never Have Enough Security For Your Family.

Just Google, Yahoo - HD 1080P Spy Camera AC Plug USB Wall Charger with 32GB Memory Mini DVR DV Hidden Camera Video Recorder. 


 Domestic Violence Spy Camera

This Cameras Can Be Also Used - in your home garage, outside with a extension, "not water proof" in your office, or any location that has a wall outlet.

This spy camera blends in perfectly, you can shoot high-definition video quality, Real-time Audio - Video Recording.

Our agency does not receive financial or other compensation for the sale of these devices.

3.  PERFECT DESIGN: The hidden camera usb charger look like an ordinary USB wall charger, but it features a hidden 1080P HD camera allowing you to capture HD video, the camera is hidden behind smoked glass, and the memory card is hidden inside, so even if someone picks it up, they won't discover that this is actually a hidden camera

4.  MULTIFUNCTION: This hidden camera is a real USB wall charger for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other usb device

Parents Driving Their Children, Filming The Stalker, Tailgater Or Road Rage Driver.

Equipment Our Agency Uses.

Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror, 1080p, Camera Video.

Going On The Offense, Filming The Stalker, Tailgater Or Road Rage Driver.


180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens;.

3.5-inch LCD screen allows a preview of what is being recorded unlike other DVRs;

Night vision for interior clips and shots; Built-in microphone / speaker function,

Supports up to 32GB high-capacity SD cards; TV and HDMI HD output. Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files,

1 Year Manufacturer warranty included

If you are a parent who transport children this camera is one of the best investments you can make.

Our agency does not receive compensation from the Falcon Zero Company. Our agency highly recommend this device for all drivers. .

Equipment Our Agency Uses.

Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror, 1080p, Camera Video. How Do I Know If I Am Being Followed? What To Do?.

Camera For Many Uses, Great Customer Service.

On many occasions I use this camera to warn tail gaiters to get some distance between my vehicle. You will be surprised how often that once I hit the increase power function and the display image appears the drive behind you will notice the mirror image and get off your tail.

The looping function of this camera will always delete the oldest video, so you your memory card can always record the current activities.

Very little training is needed for this camera - it comes ready to go and all you have to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter and you are recoding.


SHORT - TRUE STORY, Our agency has extra Falcon Zero Mirror Cameras for new agents in training. I had not used this one mirror camera I had in the office. We test all units before they are utilized. For some reason this one camera battery would not charge. most likely it was due to sitting in the office not being utilized. So I just emailed the company, told them the problem and they sent a new unit.



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