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 Yacht Delivery Service - Experienced Sea Captain in the coastal waters of Florida to New York, Canada, the Caribbean, The Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, the surrounding Island, and the Atlantic waters off Mexico, Central, America. A ship's captain who can safely deliver sail, power yachts or fishing boats.. 


 As a USCG Licensed Captain, Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners, I have the experienced, training and have conducted numerous land or sea accident reconstructions or maritime injury investigations. 


 Our Florida Maritime Service will assist corporations, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, marina employers or employees who work in or service the maritime industry.


As  a licensed private investigator I can conduct  private investigation which are designed to give you information you may need to determine if  individual or organizations are honest or deceptive.


Martime Yacht Captain, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About Our Florida Maritime Services And Investigations.

Anchor Investigations, Florida Agency A9700024, DBA, Civil, Corporate Florida Investigators.


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 Florida, Companies shipping goods around the world have never faced bigger fraud cases.


Our services Investigate all types or marine incidents that causes loss or damage to a vessel, or injury to persons, it is referred to as a "casualty" or "loss" by the insurance industry, regardless of how it occurs. Anyone that is making a claim for loss or damages, whether an insured or not, is referred to as a "'claimant".


A   good casualty investigator not only possesses an extensive knowledge of boats, but also the skills of a detective; his positive traits include knowledge, persistence, determination and patience. Such skills are necessitated by the fact that when costly accidents occur, litigation often follows.

Investigations,  We Also conduct investigations Of  A Yacht Captain Or Crew During Their Off Hour Activates.  It is best to know who your ship captain is. For a peace of mind it may be necessary to conduct a surveillance  of the individual in question or a current background check on your boat captain or crew.

Our Agency Will Conduct Maritime Investigations Of  White Collar, Corporate, Organized Crimes, Employee Thefts.

White Collar Thefts. We have investigators for maritime corporate or business clients in regards to accounting thefts, inventory shortage or dishonest, deceptive long or short termed employees.


These crimes can be initiated by individuals who have access to financial accounts, private information or business research and development.


Our Agency Can Also Provide An Affordable Solutions For Yacht Deliveries Or the Recovery Of Stolen Boats Or Maritime Assets. We Work Within Your Budget.





 Maritime Services  

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Maritime Services.

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Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

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Marine, Business, Corporate Investigations.

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Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

Telephone: (954) 768 - 9222


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