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Investigating The Boat Captain, Crew.  Documenting Their Off Hours Social Activities.

Florida Yacht Captain, Crew Investigations. The Yacht Owner Is Responsible And Most Likely, The Last to Know. 


Being An Out-Of-State Or In State Boat Owner.  Investigations Of The Captain Or Crew.  Our surveillance of the captain, crew will document their conduct or activities.  We will also video document "when and where and who" the captain or crew are associating with.  Our Agency Has  Investigators In Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Key West.

Investigate Your Boat Captain Or Crew Off Hour Activities

Investigations, Who, What Are The Captain, Crew Off Hour Social Activities.

Anchor Investigations, Florida Agency A9700024, DBA, Civil, Corporate Florida Investigators.

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Investigations, Surveillance, In Your Absence,  Our Surveillance or Investigations in regards to a maritime captain and crew was initiated by certain "in-state" or "out-of-state" boat owners who had concerns for their marine property.

The agency also has a licensed U.S.C.G Captain, private investigator, fraud examiner to conduct captain, crew investigations.  Our private investigators are located Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami Beach and Key West Florida.

The Boat Owner Is Most Likely The Last to Know.


If There Vessel Being Chartered Without Your Permission?

If Their Vessel Being Used For Social Events In Their Absence?


If Their Vessel Captain Or Crew Engaged In Illegal Activities?


If Their  Vessel Is Being Maintained, Boat Washers, Cleaners Actually Worked"


If The  Marina, Is Providing Security And  Safeguards Their Assets?


Yacht Repairs Investigations.

During my times in South Florida I have conducted numerous investigations that indicated "Pay-Offs" between marinas, subcontractors and a yachts captain or crew. Every vessels owner should verify every aspect of the services or repairs.



 Maritime Services  

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 Yacht Captain, Crew Investigations.

Telephone: (954) 768 - 9222

Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

Why The Owner Was Last To Know.

As a boat owner, you are the employer and responsible for the conduct and activities of your captain and crew.

Maritime Investigations. A successful legal challenge to a boat owner can be filed, when events, such as criminal activities are conducted on their vessel.

We offer an affordable solutions to this captain, crew investigations. The investigators of this agency can conduct land and sea surveillance in regards to the individuals we follow.

My goal is to provide a boat owner with information or evidence that their vessel is not being operated by individuals who may not have the boat owners best interest at heart. I provide my client the experienced Investigators and this service will be conducted in a in a timely manner. Certain conditions do exist to include if the vessel is docked in a restricted area or on a private moorings.

Yacht Crew And Marina Overcharges.

At Times There Is Collusion. Organized Fraud Of The Yacht Captains, Crew With Thefts, Stealing During Vessel Service, Repairs Or Of The Owners Assets.

To Initiate A Investigation, Our Agents Review Marina Repairs, The Costs And Time Spent and The Billing Invoice.

This investigations of crew and the marina repairs will be conducted in confidence. I provide my client with a verification of the captain or crew activities.

What Services, Work Was Completed?    Did the captain or crew member bear responsible to defraud the boat owner during the vessels service or repairs.

At times, you may need the services of a private investigator to determine the honest, integrity of those employed on your vessel.

Captain, Crewmember Repair Investigations.

Yacht Repairs Investigations.

During my times in South Florida I have conducted numerous investigations that indicated "Pay-Offs" between marinas, subcontractors and a yachts captain or crew. Every vessels owner should verify every aspect of the services or repairs.

Some Of Our Investigations Are;

Verify:   Proper and Safe Hauling Of Both Sail or Power Boats

Verify:   Storage: both inside or outside conditions.

Verify:   Engine Work : The work on diesel, gas, engines and outboard motors.

Verify:   Plumbing: The work on manual or pressurized systems.

Verify:   Electrical: Work done on electrical issues, wiring, defective units.

Verify:   Rigging: Work completed on vessel rigging systems - sailboats furling systems, standing/running rigging, wire swaging and wire-to-rope splicing.

Verify:   Sails: The purchase of new sails or the cleaning. storage, repair to current sails.

Yacht Repairs Investigations.

Boat Maintenance And Yacht Repairs Investigations Of False Work, Parts, Labor. Yacht Repair Fraud, Overcharges, Defective Repairs. We Are Licensed Florida Private Investigators. Contact Our Agency If You Have Additional Questions, (954) 768- 9222.

Some Of Our Investigations Are.

Verify:   Fiberglass Repairs: Work, fiberglass, glass, epoxies repairs, verify if Awl-grip painting (topsides, deck, cabins, or just touch up).

Verify:   Varnish: Work completed to bright finish, thickness and products, varnish used. and painting type of paint..

Verify:   Mooring: Inspection of anchor type, mooring line, size and condition, line fiber, your vessel depth at low low tide. I have a detailed checklist to investigate marina or yard repairs.

Towing: or Transportation Checks

Verify:   Towing/ Delivery: Verify who is towing or transporting your vessel, towing vehicle capabilities, the driver, their license and experience.

Verify:   Transportation Route: if necessary follow your vessel to it's final destination.





Maritime Services.

Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

Telephone: (954) 768 - 9222



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